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My goal as a landscape photographer is to create images based on my emotional reaction to life and its experiences. The inspiration for each image comes from various angles, from completely about the location and the way it felt, to using the photo as a blank canvas and infusing my deepest inner emotions.

To give you a better insight, my latest series of work is called Whispers of Australia and focuses completely on the way each landscape feels in those quiet peaceful moments, time invested not only in the capture process, but more importantly, listening to the soft whispers and stories of each landscape, to tell the truth of any landscape first you must listen to its story.

Previous bodies of work include,

Even in the Darkest Days, a series of work that focuses on my living with anxiety and depression, using the landscape as a blank canvas to tell very deep personal stories of my battles.

Earth Verses, a series of work that tells stories of our home planet battling to survive as the human race grows and prospers.

I would be honoured if you spent a couple of minutes viewing my images, allowing yourself to let go and immerse yourself in their stories.

 AIPP Master landscape photographer from Crescent Head Australia.

Specialising in photography education, including Photoshop education, I have been running workshops since 2013, teaching 100's of students not only the skills and techniques to quickly improve their photography, but the confidence and knowledge to take their passion further. 

I have had the honour of receiving several prestige photography awards including:

  • Representing Australia at the 2015 Photography World cup 
  • 1st place for Landscape at the International Loupe Awards 2013 
  • Focus Image of the year 2014 
  • Highest scoring Landscape Print in the APPA Print awards 2014
  • APPA Australian Emerging Photographer of the Year 2014.
  • AIPP NSW Landscape Photographer of the year 2015
  • AIPP NSW Professional Photographer of the year 2015
  • AIPP NSW Landscape Photographer of the year 2016
  • AIPP NSW Professional Photographer of the year 2017
  • AIPP NSW Landscape Photographer of the year 2017

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“ For me its all about communicating emotion, Powerful imagery is emotional. I have lived with levels of depression and anxiety for periods of my life and much of  the emotion within my work, draws its inspiration from the highs and lows of these days.

This would be the reason why my work varies wildly from the given scene, because the landscape itself is the canvas for my artistic expression.

I guess if there was a message taken from my work it might be:

“You're not alone, it's ok to have anxiety and depression”. Statistics suggest it's abnormal not to have experienced anxiety or depression at some point in your life. 

Don't be afraid to talk to a friend or ask for help