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Gold Coast QLD

The Art of Story Telling

Photography is now more accessible and more popular than any other time in history. Resulting in over 100,000,000 photos posted daily on just Instagram.

Am I right in thinking that we all want our photography to be more unique and stand out?

How can we ever hope to achieve this when there are so many talented photographers and an abundance of outstanding photos shared each and every day………?

Interestingly we can find the answer by looking back at the great artists of the past, the likes of Picasso, Van Gogh and Dali, and understanding what inspired these great artists, made them unique and elevated them to eternal greatness!

During this workshop we will discover the passion that inspired the great artists and learn how we can use that very same inspiration to create Powerful, Meaningful, Emotive Photography that is more unique and stands out among the flood of modern day photography!

Discover the secrets to Creating Unique Photography that Stands Out!

Join 3 x NSW AIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year, Adam Williams,  for a workshop that will transport your photography to a higher realm


Limited Seats! Don't Miss Out!
Gold Coast - The Art of Story Telling!
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Workshop Program Includes

Suitable for all skill levels - Beginner to Advanced

  • Visual Poetry - How to get your mojo and passion flowing by creating photos with more Meaning and Purpose!

  • Perfect Composition - Every great photographic story starts with Powerful Composition!

  • Symbolism and Metaphors - Take your story telling to a higher level with an understanding of Symbolism and Visual Metaphors!

  • Convey Emotion that will move your audience - Learn to Manipulate Light, Colour, Contrast and Detail to captivate the emotional attention of your audience!

  • Photoshop Wizardry - Using all the tricks in my Photoshop skill set to create photos that stand out!

+ Includes Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Coffee & Tea

  • Full Day course

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon Tea

  • Tea, Coffee


Limited Seats! Don't Miss Out!
Gold Coast - The Art of Story Telling!
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Money Back Guarantee!

I guarantee that this workshop will inspire and elevate your passion for Photography If not just email me within 14 days after the event for a full no questions asked refund of your purchase price.

When and Where

Date: Sunday the 13th of October 2019


Southport RSL
36 Scarborough Street, Southport

Time: 930am - 430pm

Arrive 9-9:15am for the 930am start

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