The 5 Keys to Award Winning High Impact Photography

3/5........The 3rd Key: Simplistic

In photography almost always less is more. The fewer elements/details/stuff in a photo the more impact the photo will have and the stronger the story will be. 

Song writers tell powerful emotive stories with very few words, imagine if they were rambling on "and this happened and that and............" They use as few words as possible, yet how often do we feel the emotion of the lyrics.

It’s the same with landscape photography; we should only include the elements that directly help to tell the story we are trying to tell.

If we look at the numbers, when I studied the photos that did well in international landscape photo competitions a whooping 90% of photos in my opinion were simplistic in nature. 

Once I have framed up my composition, I always ask myself is there anything else I could leave out??? It’s surprising how often the answer is yes!

Keep It Simple

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