The 5 Keys to Award Winning High Impact Photography

5/5......The 5th Key: Photo Finishing

Great Photography has always been made of two very different yet equally important skills! Capture, the process of capturing the photo in camera and Finish / Editing, the process of making your photos the very best they can be. You might be the greatest camera technician in the world, however, unless you have a decent understanding of how to bring those photos to life, your camera skills will likely go unnoticed.

Back in the film days you had to be capable of capturing great images in camera and skilled in the darkroom to bring them to life. This is even more relevant with the modern day digital cameras. Digital cameras are just not designed to be capturing finished photos straight out of camera. If you are going to achieve that high gloss, explosion of light that the professionals are producing you are going to want to spend some time refining your post-processing skills.

The Raw files coming out of our cameras are designed to capture large amounts of dynamic range, meaning they are very good at capturing the very dark, the very bright and everything in between. However the sacrifice is our raw files tend to lack contrast. So at the very least if you do nothing else you need to learn how to remove dust spots and increase the contrast of your photos.

If we look at the numbers, an overwhelming 95% of photos showed a professional level of post processing

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Easy Way Photography is the Easy Way to transforming your current photos into Jaw Dropping, Light Flowing, Professionally polished, Award Wining, Photographic Masterpieces, Wow! Could I fit any more superlatives into a single sentence?

All though completely over the top the above statement is completely true, I will guide you step by step through the techniques that will transform you ordinary photos into the photos of your dreams. 

Often we will start out with very good raw photos and transform them into extraordinary finished photos, however often we will begin with ordinary (borderline rubbish) raw photos and via a few simple techniques we can transform those photos into Photographic Masterpieces, take a look at some examples below.

Perth Boat-shed: Going by the original raw photo on the left, most of us might think about tossing it aside and shooting the scene another day, with a few simple techniques I was able to bring through my vision and transform the image into the high impact version on the right. This photo went on to receive a GOLD award in the 2012 International Loupe Awards.

Double Falls: In the above photo we are starting off with a slightly better Raw photo. However, Just look at the vibrance, luminosity and colour that I have been able to bring out in the finished photo on the right, again using those same simple techniques. This photo went on to WIN the Landscape Category of the 2013 International Loupe Awards.


You could be the best in camera photographer in the world, however without at least the very basic post processing skills your talent may well go unrecognised. How many award winning photos are you overlooking?

Easy Way Photography will have you going back through your old photos and transforming what you thought was an ordinary photo into an extraordinary work of photographic art! 


Do You Dream Of Creating 

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With a little guidance and the right techniques you could take the photos you already have and transform them into international award winning photos.

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