How to shoot breathtaking Landscape Photos!


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  • Are you a Landscape Photographer with limited time?
  • Do you wish your photos could be as beautiful as the moment you remember?
  • Do you dream of transforming ordinary photos into Extraordinary works or photographic art?
  • Is your time too precious to be wasted on gimmick techniques that never deliver what they promise?
  • Would you like to have more self confidence in your photography?



Introducing Easy Way Photography - Photography education for Landscape photographers.

Save Time, Achieve your Vision, Grow in Confidence, and Create the image you always dreamed of!

Save time with this specifically targeted Photoshop workflow for Landscape Photography. Learn everything you need, waste no time on what you don't!

Learn the secrets to processing those magic moments so they look and feel just as breathtaking as the moment you remember!

Once you see the results, how beautiful your photos can be, you will want to show the world! Your confidence will soar as your photography rapidly rockets to new heights!

What some of the Easy Way Photography members are saying


"I am just back from travelling and have managed to take a look at your Photoshop tutorials.Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed them and I have learnt so much.A lot of things have suddenly clicked into place  - and this, after years of watching DVDs, online tutorials, reading copious notes, books and articles and attending a number of Photoshop workshops! You have presented everything in plain English that is easy to follow and easy to understand. I now understand about layers and masks – which is so simple and so basic, but no-one else has explained it so well."


"Thanks Adam for helping me understand Photoshop, before Photoshop seemed so over whelming and complicated and extremely confusing, Adam showed and explained the basics, and quickly built my knowledge of how to use layers, curves, masking, composting images, and much more, Adam was able to bring out emotion and story in my images that I couldn’t bring out before"


How to Shoot Landscape Photos Ep#3