How to Win Photo Competitions!

As you may have already read in the previous email, I had quit my job, sold everything I owned and set out to travel Australia with the main goal in mind to return a professional photographer. It wasn't going to be very difficult as I was already an Awesome photographer, at least that was my opinion :( a bit sad, I know.

I had completely failed in a well regarded photo competition, however, after the initial disappointment and general sulking, I had a wild thought........? 

What if within the Winning photos there was a formula to be discovered? 

I set up an excel spread sheet with some common photography elements and set about dissecting each and every image within the Top 50 galleries of all the top landscape photography competitions.

Some of the elements I was looking for were

Great Light
Strong Colour
Desaturated Colour / Black and White
Strong Subject
Balanced Composition

And several others

To my surprise not only was there a formula its was exceptionally strong!

Of all the criteria I set and painstakingly placed into the spread sheet, 5 key elements keep showing up in 80-90% of the top scoring images of each competition!

When I tell you what they are you will no doubt think that its pretty obvious, however with the knowledge I am going to share with you over the next few pages you will not only improve your photography but you will be able to find those images within your current photos that are potential completion winners!

Ok, so the big 5 are

  • Great Light
  • Strong Subject
  • Simplicity
  • Balance
  • Finish / Post processing (edited to the full potential)


Over the next few pages, I will go into more detail about each of the five elements and exactly how to capture and identify them with your photos.



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