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Do you LOVE Landscape Photography?

Do you wish your photos had more visual IMPACT!

Is your time too VALUABLE to be wasted searching through bad Youtube tutorials?

Would You Love to turn ordinary photos into EXTRAORDINARY works of art?


FINALLY there is an Easy Way for Landscape Photographers like yourself to learn a COMPLETE start to finish Photoshop Workflow.

Stop waisting your time, See results FAST, Learn my complete Photoshop workflow (Examples of my work below) and start transforming your ordinary photos into EXTRAORDINARY works of Art, today!

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Pam "I am just back from travelling and have managed to take a look at your Photoshop tutorials. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed them and I have learnt so much. A lot of things have suddenly clicked into place  - and this, after years of watching DVDs, online tutorials, reading copious notes, books and articles and attending a number of Photoshop workshops! You have presented everything in plain English that is easy to follow and easy to understand. I now understand about layers and masks - which is so simple and so basic, but no-one else has explained it so well.

Thank you very much."

Callum "thanks to Adam for helping me understand Photoshop, what seemed so over whelming and complicated and extremely confusing, Adam showed and explained the basics, and quickly built my knowledge up of how to use layers, curves, masking, composting images, and much more, Adam was able to help me bring out emotion and story in my images that i couldn’t bring out before"

John " I have done all of Adams courses from beginner to advanced. Adams courses are so easy to follow and the back up service is amazing, from assisting me over the phone to out in the field. I am self taught in all facets of my photography but these courses helped in getting my head around Photoshop. I believe Adams courses enables you to dig deeper into the world of Photoshop to create your own style. I would thoroughly recommend Adams courses."