Digital Workflow 1 - Beginner - 18th Feb 2017 Photoshop workshop

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Digital Workflow 1 - Beginner - 18th Feb 2017 Photoshop workshop


Beginner Photoshop Workshop at Dee Why RSL - 18th of Feb 2017

Location: Dee Why RSL

Date: Saturday 18th Feb 2017

Time: 930am - 230pm

Lunch provided

Bring along: Laptop/Desktop Computer with Photoshop CS5 or better

Skill Level: Beginner. Little to no experience 

Also Including: A watch at home, Step x Step, Video Tutorial for every Course Module.

Your first steps into the world of creative freedom that is Adobe Photoshop. Suitable for anyone with no or minimal Adobe Photoshop experience.

On completing this workshop you will have an efficient, easy yet extremely powerful Adobe Photoshop Workflow at your disposal.

Video tutorials will be supplied to refresh your memory and continue your learning progress at home.

One great thing about the beginner workflow is not only is it very easy and simple to learn, it also forms the strong foundation that we build onto as we move onto the Intermediate course. In other words even when you are a complete Photoshop wizard, you will still be using the workflow and techniques learnt on day 1. 

Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop and learn an efficient powerful digital workflow in just one 5hr workshop.

  • Step by step
  • Save Time
  • Easy to learn
  • Incredible Results

Beginner Course Modules

  • Capture Essentials

  • Beginner 5 step Workflow

  • Basic Raw conversion

  • Photoshop tools

  • Basic adjustment layers

  • Basic masking

  • Quick selections

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