Digital Workflow 2 - Intermediate - 28th October 2017 Photoshop workshop

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Digital Workflow 2 - Intermediate - 28th October 2017 Photoshop workshop


Intermediate Photoshop Workshop 28th October 2017

Location: Dee Why RSL

Date: Saturday 28th October 2017

Time: 930am - 230pm

Lunch: provided

Bring Along: Laptop/Desktop Computer with Photoshop CS5 or better

Skill Level: Intermediate. An understanding of the basics or previously attending the Easy Way Photography Digital Workflow 1 - Beginner Course. 

Also Including: A watch at home, Step x Step, Video Tutorial for every Course Module.

Taking the workflow and skills from the beginner course we begin to add many more skills and techniques to make your digital workflow even more efficient and more powerful than before. The whole time maintaining the simple easy nature that I love so much.

I will also reveal a powerful yet simple technique borrowed from the master painters, dating back 1oo's of years, that will give your photos more impact than ever before.

Video tutorials will be supplied to refresh your memory and continue your learning progress at home.

Professional level digital workflow in just one 5hr workshop

  • Step by step

  • Save Time

  • Easy to learn

  • Incredible Results 

Intermediate Course Modules

  • Visual Direction

  • Manual Blending

  • Removing Large Objects

  • Moving and Warping Objects

  • Replacing Similar Sky's

  • Introduction to Blend If

  • Basic Print Preparation

  • Intermediate Adjustment Layers

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